Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 37: PS4 and Xbox One parity and 900p don’t matter

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What's up, gamers? The most racially diverse gaming podcast on the Internet returns this week to shun discrimination against gaming consoles for the colors of their branding. There's lots to talk about, and host Glenn Gordon joins Dane Smith and Garri Bagdasarov with a packed and very interesting episode.

First off, a tweet from a regular listener sparks debate about the resolution issues between PS4 and Xbox One. Is 900p resolution really such a big deal? Glenn certainly thinks not.
PlayStation Network has been going down every now and then over the past few months with little explanation. We know Sony is discussing making an investment in PSN to make it stronger, but until then, what should gamers expect? Is it worth joining PlayStation Plus? What would gamers be willing to sacrifice (hypothetically, of course) for a stronger PSN?
Xbox has had an interesting week as well. It's the first eighth-generation console to get a native Plex app, the Sunset Overdrive bundle got a short-lived price drop on Amazon UK, and Microsoft may finally be ready to "rethink" the controversial ID@Xbox parity clause. The crew takes a look at the parity clause and the effect it has had on Xbox and PlayStation so far.
Speaking of parity, gamers became upset for awhile after learning (temporarily) that Dragon Age: Inquisition would run at a 900p resolution on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The response was alarmingly huge, and the crew thinks it really didn't need to be.
Then, of course, there's DRIVECLUB. It's a great racing game, but it has stirred a lot of unnecessary controversy in recent weeks, and with it having one of the worst launches in recent PlayStation history, it has little to defend itself with. Even so, we think DRIVECLUB is worth a gamer's chance. #BelieveinEvo
Our intro this week is from OverClocked Remix. It's a remix of the background music from Green Hill Zone in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's called "The Sound of Speed." The remixers are OA and Scaredsim, and they did an amazing job. It's definitely worth a listen, and you can hear and download the full song and many more amazing gaming remixes in full, for free, at OCremix.org. The ending music, of course, is the famous theme from the movie "Rocky."
All of this and more comprises a great episode of RDGH. Remember to follow us on Twitter @TheRDGH, and give us your tweets and topics to read and discuss on the air. Enjoy the podcast, and don't be a racist.

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