Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 36: PS4 parity vs. #PS4noparity

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RDGH 36 is here! But do you know what's not here? The most racially diverse gaming crew on the Internet! Host Glenn Gordon takes the reins solo this week due to scheduling conflicts with the rest of the crew, but never fear: there's plenty interesting stuff to talk about, and we'd love for you to join the conversation on Twitter @TheRDGH.

Some people are upset at DRIVECLUB's new media quote trailer, where VG24/7 was quoted saying, "PS4's Forza Killer." Is DRIVECLUB really a Forza killer? Why is everyone mad at Evolution Studios and not VG24/7? All we know for sure is that DRIVECLUB is absolutely gorgeous.
PlayStation 4 has a huge new bundle coming out in Europe (sorry, North America). PlayStation Vita has a new update available now that (finally) enables themes, and we walk through the new PlayStation Plus freebies for October. Speaking of updates, Xbox One has a new one for October to add something seriously useful to one of its proudest features, Snap.
And speaking of Xbox One, Microsoft's flagship console launched in China--and people were lining up to get their hands on it. No, we're not kidding. What does this mean for Microsoft, and what does it mean for Sony? Microsoft has been doing well in the UK as well, passing PS4 sales thanks in part to FIFA 15. Microsoft is also working on something amazing that's based on its IllumiRoom research. It's called RoomAlive, and while it's not consumer friendly, it sure looks slick.

Ubisoft is tripping up this week, having announced that both PS4 and Xbox One will run Assassin's Creed: Unity at a 900p resolution with a frame rate of 30, not because both consoles are incapable of the full resolution, but because Ubisoft held one console back to "avoid all the debates and stuff." The gaming world is outraged... but should they be? Not only that, but upcoming open-world racer The Crew, also by Ubisoft, has been delayed--but only a couple weeks.

Our intro this week is "One," by Pmac. It's a cover of the famous song "One is the Loneliest Number," by Three Dog Night. Pmac is very talented, and you can get his album, First Impressions, for free on YouTube. Our ending is "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar," from an excellent gamer-based web show called "The Guild." If you have never watched The Guild, you are missing out big time. Put down the controller, pop some popcorn, and head to WatchTheGuild.com right now, because it's a great show, and it's completely free.

All this and more comprises a rather packed episode of RDGH. Follow us on Twitter, subscribe on iTunes (and wherever else you find us), enjoy, and don't be a racist.

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