PlayStation Unchained Episode 106 - Witness Cat Sickness

Welcome back old friend! Unchained accepts you once more with open arms for the 106th time! See, we never tire of you, not like that other one did. Anyway, we have such stories to tell! Like how Aaron got sick because of The Witness.  Or how Ben phased through walls in The Division Beta.

What about Mike you ask? He remains well, still swimming in the tranquil seas of Shenmue-based nostalgia. He says he hopes you're well. Me? Well little ol' Neil is doing just fine thank you. I made the gang rate February's games in a cheeky little feature  called 'Hit it or Quit it?' and regaled all with a story of how a retching pet cat ruined a tender gaming moment.

It's good to see you again, shall we go for dinner at Scarbrough's premier Fish n' Chip shop to celebrate?

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