PlayStation Unchained 57: DRIVECLUB’s 9.5 review score

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games by psu on October 13th, 2014

Unchained is back! This week, Mike Harradence's sultry tones host the show, and Dane Smith and Garri Bagdasarov join in. It has been an interesting week!

Grand Theft Auto V will take about 50 gigabytes of space on PS4, making it one of the biggest hard drive space hogs of the generation so far. What's responsible for the massive size of GTA V?
The VGA Awards are coming soon, and we have some ideas on what to expect! What do you think will happen at the Awards? Tweet us @PSUdotcom.

We also have a bit to say this week about the resolution and framerate parity issues between PS4 and Xbox One. Things have been getting intense between developers and gamers, and it will be interesting to see where things go as the generation continues.

We've got a lot of reviews to discuss this week as well, especially our review of DRIVECLUB. We gave it a 9.5 and gamers flipped out! The Unchained team has something to say about not only our DRIVECLUB review, but reviews in general.
Thanks for listening, and tune in next week for episode 58!

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