PlayStation Unchained 104 - Virtual Price Is Right Or It’s Time To Split

Welcome to the all-new and improved PlayStation Unchained! For episode 104 we have a change in format to ring in the new year! (yes, we know it's late, technical issues and Christmas hangovers)
In this edition of the long-running PSU podcast sees Mike return to the host's chair, flanked by the ever able team of Neil, Ben, Aaron and Kevin, to chat about a whole bunch of games including Resident Evil 0's re-release, awful voice acting in games,  as well as PlayStation VR's pricing and its eventual fate. Plus there's Question of the Week, where we ponder which dead game series/developer/publisher we'd want to return. Pretty sure we choose all of them.
Pull up a chair, eat a scone, and enjoy 90 minutes of creamy waffle.

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