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PlayStation Unchained - Episode 140

The newest episode of PlayStation Unchained!

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 138

The latest episode of PlayStation Unchained.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 136

Ben Shillabeer-Hall and Garri Bagdasarov talk about the latest PlayStation games and react to the recent PS Plus news.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 135 - Scarborough Nightmare

This week's episode sees talk on Deus Ex, Inside, Worms WMD, Rock Band 4, Ni-Oh and PS Plus.
Neil Bolt hosts, and is once again joined by Garri Bagdasarov and Ben Shillabeer-Hall.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 134 - September Divided

The crew talk Deus Ex, No Man's Sky, Hitman, XCOM 2, Metal Gear Survive and more.
Your host is Neil Bolt, and is joined by Garri Bagdasarov and Ben Shillabeer-Hall.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 131 - The Future, It’s Got Wizards Now

Unchained looks forward to the rest of 2016 and deliberates the fates of PS VR, World of Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, No Man's Sky, Battlefield 1, Titanfall and much more.
This week's show is a joint effort between Ben Shillabeer-Hall and Neil Bolt.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 126 - The E3 Fallout

It's a post-E3 Unchained and the crew are on hand to talk God of War, The Last Guardian, Death Stranding and Resident Evil 7 among others.
Your host this week is Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and he's joined by regulars Neil Bolt,  Mike Harradence and Garri Bagdasarov,  plus special returning guest Tim Nunes.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 125 - B-Balls And Enemy Crabs

E3 leaks, Overwatch, Oxenfree, Hitman, Gone Home and more are discussed as Unchained hits 125 episodes.

Among the topics, we have guest Rob Zwetsloot's meeting with Woverine and Steven Universe, Neil Bolt starring in a Spike Lee Joint and looking lovingly at Oxenfree, Ben Shillabeer-Hall playing Final Fantasy XIV (of course), and this week's host Mike Harradence asks the group about their worst E3 memories.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 123 - The E3 Predictions [Part Two]

Unchained returns to the choppy waters of E3 predictions once again, with the team looking at Bethesda, Ubisoft and beyond.  Bold predictions and theories are seen alongside rational thinking,  and there's a moment of silence for Sonic's impending 25th anniversary.

Mike Harradence slides into the host's chair this week,  and outside of E3 there's more Uncharted talk from him, while Ben Shillabeer-Hall has been playing Smite,  and Neil Bolt can't legally tell you 80% of what he's been playing, but he does rave on about Hitman's Elusive Target.

Ben Shillabeer-Hall
PSN: Chille
Neogaf: Chille

Mike Harradence
PSN: Billy_Coen84

Neil Bolt
PSN: sonofvenom

PlayStation Unchained 104 - Virtual Price Is Right Or It’s Time To Split

Welcome to the all-new and improved PlayStation Unchained! For episode 104 we have a change in format to ring in the new year! (yes, we know it's late, technical issues and Christmas hangovers)
In this edition of the long-running PSU podcast sees Mike return to the host's chair, flanked by the ever able team of Neil, Ben, Aaron and Kevin, to chat about a whole bunch of games including Resident Evil 0's re-release, awful voice acting in games,  as well as PlayStation VR's pricing and its eventual fate. Plus there's Question of the Week, where we ponder which dead game series/developer/publisher we'd want to return. Pretty sure we choose all of them.
Pull up a chair, eat a scone, and enjoy 90 minutes of creamy waffle.

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