RDGH - Episode 14: Why NOT to threaten airlines, Sony sells Square stock, What’s wrong with Wii U, more Square JRPGs

It's a new week and a new RDGH! Episode 14's a great listen, so join host KGB Garri Bagdasarov (You read right; #BelieveInGarri's hosting!) The (Dethroned) Commissioner Glenn Gordon, Ben Sterling, and the Prodigal Son himself, Ernest Lin, as they discuss the world of gaming.

Why on earth did Sony sell its Square Enix shares? (Bonus points for catching all the alliteration in this week's title, by the way).
Wii U only sold half of what Sega's Dreamcast did in the same timeframe. What's wrong with the Wii U, and how can it possibly be fixed (naturally, the cast can't talk about this without mentioning the possibility of a Pokémon MMO)?
Speaking of Square earlier, the company is back on track to produce more JRPGs going forward. Is this a good thing for them?
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Outro song: Rising Sun - Hikari (Rock Remix)