RDGH - Episode 13: Dane Returns, Xbox One price cut, Rock Band to new gen, #KevinButler2015, Rant on Anita Sarkeesian’s award

Surprise! The Racial Diversity Gaming Hour's original host-with-the-most, Dane Smith, joins us all the way from South Korea as a special guest for one episode only! Join him and host Glenn "The Commissioner" Gordon, KGB Garri Bagdasarov, and Ben Sterling as he explains what being a gamer in South Korea is like.

Xbox has gotten ANOTHER retailer price cut from some UK retailers, making those units comparable in price to the PS4. What does this mean for Xbox as a whole and for PlayStation? Harmonix's CEO announced plans to bring Rock Band and Dance Central to PS4 and Xbox One! PlayStation's advertising has felt lackluster since the departure of Kevin Butler, but could everyone's favorite Vice President of _______ return?

Afterward, Dane has a good rant about Anita Sarkeesian, who won a 2014 Game Developer's Choice award. We're all for more females in video games. In fact, we're all for more of EVERY kind of person in video games, but listen to find out why we think the issue should not be forced.

Also, stay tuned at the end for a special treat from E3 2010!
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