Racial Diversity Gaming Hour - Episode 11: Game delays vs. patches; Ben rants; new Deus Ex incoming? More inFAMOUS

Join host Glenn "The Commissioner" Gordon, Ben Sterling (Shillabeer-Hall), KGB Garri Bagdasarov, and the Prodigal Son, Ernest Lin (who is prodigal no more!) as we discuss the gaming world at large.

Is it better to delay the release of a game or release it and patch it later? Are the glitches worth it? Then, Ben has a good ol' British rant about Assassin's Creed. A new Deus Ex name has been trademarked; could a new installment be on the way? And, of course, inFAMOUS is still worth talking about.
The intro music this episode is a remix of Dovahkiin, Skyrim's theme, by the talented Brandon Strader over at Overclocked Remix. Download the full track and check out other great remixes from other games at OCremix.org.
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