Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 41: Xbox One did not get “hundreds” of updates this year

Posted in ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, Racial Diversity Gaming Hour, xbox, nintendo, Wii by psu on November 11th, 2014

The work week begins anew, and with it comes a brand new episode of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour! Join Garri Bagdasarov, Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and host Glenn Gordon for more discussion about another great week in the world of gaming.

There were lots of tweets this week, and we love hearing what you have to say! To join the party, just find us on Twitter @TheRDGH.

Ubisoft seems to have had a momentary lapse in judgment as its upcoming games inexplicably vanished from the Steam store last week, only to silently return some days later. Okay then, Ubisoft.

Xbox One has had “hundreds” (but not really) of new updates over the past several months, and while Microsoft’s console has not had nearly as many real improvements as Xbox’s Major Nelson would have us believe, the console has indeed gotten a lot better over time.

In fact, RDGH host Glenn Gordon actually bought his first Xbox, and now that he officially owns both consoles, he has some perspective on Xbox, PlayStation, and the console war as a whole to share with everyone.

Xbox is doing well in other areas too; combined, Xbox One and Xbox 360 managed to sell just a bit more of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare than PlayStation’s combined efforts, but perhaps not decisively so. The crew takes a look at the numbers and what they mean for the next generation of Call of Duty.

BlizzCon has come and gone, leaving new information in its wake. A new FPS called Overwatch is on its way from the World of Warcraft developer, and two new posters have arrived for the movie “Warcraft,” expected to hit theaters in 2016.

This week’s intro music is a cheerful little tune from Overlocked Remix. It’s called “Polka Center,” and it’s a happy remix of the Pokémon Center music from Pokémon Red Version, done by remixer “worldsbestgrandpa” from OCremix. The ending is also from OCremix. We’ve used it before. It’s called “The Passing of the Blue Crown,” and it comes from Megaman 3. The remix was done by Sixto Sounds, Steppo, and zircon from OCremix. To download these and many more great video game remixes in full, for free, head to OCremix.org.

All of this and much more comprises the latest episode of RDGH. Come back next week for episode 42. Until then, remember to avoid discrimination against video game platforms based on color or manufacturer. In other words, don’t be a racist.