Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 40: Xbox One could beat PlayStation 4 this holiday

What's up, gamers? RDGH has finally reached its fortieth episode, and with it comes a new member of the crew! Matt "Mario" Fernandez joins Garri Bagdasarov and host Glenn Gordon this week for RDGH's latest landmark.

Second Life, the virtual world that was really big for awhile but since slipped into relative obscurity, is planning to make a comeback of sorts. Developer Linden Labs is planning a new virtual world like SL, built with today's technology in mind, including Oculus Rift.
Some Xbox gamers have been doing something naughty for the holidays in the face of PlayStation 4's exclusive DLC planned for Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below. The crew discusses why it's such a bad idea to demand refunds from Microsoft just because the other console is getting some DLC.
PlayStation has offered its first bit of evidence that it plans to buff the PlayStation Network in the form of a survey directly comparing PSN and PS Plus to Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold. What in particular do you dislike about PlayStation Network?
PlayStation also published a list of games to expect at its PlayStation Experience event in December. It's not a complete list, but it's fun to know what to expect.
DRIVECLUB also offers a bit of news (sort of) from Shuhei Yoshida. The crew discusses how long it could be before PlayStation's darling racer will be running in full force, and whether or not it can come back from what has been the rockiest launch in the generation so far.
Finally, a price drop for the holidays makes the Xbox One quite a good buy--cheaper than the PlayStation 4. How could that affect PlayStation's nine-month streak?
This week's opening theme is a remix of the opening theme of Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, done by Arctic. Download the full song for free on his SoundCloud, ArcticOfficial, and remember to subscribe to him there and on his YouTube Channel (Arctic) for more amazing music.
The ending this week is Hope Rising, a remix of Destiny's ending theme, Hope. It was made by Jillian Aversa and zircon from Overclocked Remix. To download this and many other great video game remixes in full, for free, head straight to OCremix.org.
All this and much more comprises the fortieth episode of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour. Join the discussion on Twitter @TheRDGH. Gamers, don't forget to forever shun discrimination between gaming platforms. In other words, don't be a racist.