Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 34: Final Fantasy XV is mantastic

Posted in ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, Racial Diversity Gaming Hour, xbox, nintendo, Wii by psu on September 22nd, 2014

The most racially diverse gaming crew on the Internet is back with episode 34 of RDGH! Join Glenn Gordon, Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and Garri Bagdasarov this week as they discuss this very interesting past week in gaming.

Destiny was DDoSed for a little while by LizardSquad, the same group who attacked PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and other online networks not long ago. Also, VGchartz has released some interesting sales figures for the big three consoles. What does it all mean?
Evolution has announced two Driveclub PS4 bundles for Europe (not for North America), and the crew thinks Evolution could have done better.
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were announced recently, along with an interesting claim from Apple that had some people declaring the end of consoles as we know it. The RDGH crew thinks that's a load of bull, and happily explains why.
Also, the world finally got another taste of Final Fantasy XV, and of course, it arrives with some form of controversy. The crew talks about the upcoming title and the controversy around it
This week's opening theme, "iPhone," is a parody of Maroon 5's "Payphone," which is available now on iTunes and other music stores. The parody is by YouTube's "RenderCrew." Hear the full song there, and subscribe to RenderCrew's channel for more great stuff! The ending theme is the famous chocobo fight song.

All this and more comprises the latest episode of RDGH. Follow us on Twitter @TheRDGH, and be sure to tweet us what you would like to hear us discuss or discuss with us on the air!
Enjoy, and don't be a racist.