Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 33: Early Destiny Reviews Aren’t That Great; NPD Results

Posted in ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, Racial Diversity Gaming Hour, xbox, nintendo, Wii by psu on September 15th, 2014

Happy Monday! Episode 33 of RDGH has arrived, and with Destiny live and kicking and August's NPD results in, there's plenty to talk about as usual. Join host Glenn Gordon, Ben Shillabeer-Hall, Garri Bagdasarov, and Fraser Miller for great video game news and discussions.

First, Sony Denmark decided to "troll" Microsoft, but the two entities seem rather friendly! Then, we take a look at how Xbox is doing in Japan, and how the mystifying and now infamous parity clause in ID@Xbox's contracts has chased away another game.
Sony has also released a list of all the games it will present at Tokyo Game Show 2014, and Microsoft is planning to buy Majong, the developer behind Minecraft--or at least it was at the time of recording, which was yesterday, the 14th of September. As of today, the purchase has been confirmed. Tune in next week for more on that.
Destiny's first reviews haven't met expectations, meanwhile--but those who play the game seem to love it. Is something wrong with reviews, and with reviewers? Speaking of which, Glenn has a beef with IGN.
Of course, we also discuss the latest NPD results. Spoiler alert: Sony's still ahead--but perhaps not by as much as it was before!
Our intro music, of course, is the infamous "Troll Song," as the Internet has renamed it, in honor of Sony's and Microsoft's charming antics. If you want to hear it, search either "Troll Song" or "Trololol" on YouTube. You'll find it. The ending this week is "Shadow World," the theme from Persona 4 Golden. You can buy the P4, P4 Arena, and P4G soundtracks on Amazon (P4, P4A), CDJapan.co.jp (P4G), and other reputable Internet stores, but they are mainly sold as physical CDs and imported from Japan.
All of this and more comprises the latest epsiode of RDGH. Tweet us @TheRDGH if you have something to say--we'll read it on the air. Enjoy, and don't be a racist.