Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 19 - F2P vs. P2P vs. B2P

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Episode 19 is finally here, and the most racially diverse gaming cast on the Internet has things to say (as usual). Join host Glenn "The Commissioner" Gordon, KGB Garri Bagdasarov, Ben Sterling, and newcomer Mike Harradence (officially dubbed "The Muscles from Brussels") as they discuss the news in gaming.

YouTube is making plans to buy Twitch for a billion dollars, and gamers are concerned that like YouTube, Twitch could have an influx of ads and content could be removed for digital rights management purposes. Hear why the cast thinks this is not entirely accurate.
The Xbox One will soon have an SKU at the same price point as the PS4, minus the highly-touted and much maligned Kinect camera. GameStop has reported greater interest in the Xbox One since this new disKinected SKU was announced, but will the difference be enough to significantly dent the millions-wide gap between sales for the Xbox One and the PS4?
Free-to-play, pay-to-play, and buy-to-play are three business models that have caused controversy among gamers for years, and KGB Garri has something to say about it. Which is the best business model, and is there any hope for the others? Also, can Driveclub's microtransactions be successful without harming the community?
Finally, The Commissioner has an important message about E3, and the cast makes predictions about what we could see on June 9 and how it will affect Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. All this and more comprise a great episode of RDGH.
The intro and ending music are remixes of "Logan's Journey" from the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack. The intro is from the Sunny Glade level of Super Adventure Box, a dungeon within Guild Wars 2. Hear the rest of it and more at ArenaNet's official SoundCloud; the game has a seriously great soundtrack that's worth the listenThe ending is a metal remix of the intro song, created by very talented game music remixer, DusK. Hear the entire song here, and be sure to subscribe to him for more great remixes.
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