PlayStation Unchained - Episode 107 - A Doomed Destiny

Welcome to Unchained 107, the slightly less interesting secret agent codename masquerading as a long-running podcast about all things PlayStation, which I'm sure you'll agree, is the best cover. Go on, see if you can crack the secret code hidden in the dulcet tones of our host this week, Mike Harradence.

What other secrets will be uncovered? Will Kevin have the definitive answer to why Destiny is dying? Is Ben in the know about what possessed Bethesda to okay that Doom cover art? Perhaps Aaron reveals what TV show will make a good game? Who knows! That's the joy you get dear listener. Also, Garri ceases being dead long enough to participate in all these discussions and more.

Clean out those earholes and give Unchained's latest episode a ruddy good listen!