PlayStation Derailed - Episode 17 - PAX East, Silent Hill, Lollipop Chainsaw

Posted in PlayStation Universe by psu on April 16th, 2012
See? Told you we’d be back more often. In this episode we dive into PAX East; we talk about almost every game there, which may explain the podcast’s three hour length. We really didn’t mean to run for so long, but if you stick around, you won’t regret it.
Join Don Oliveira, Mike Harradence, and first-timer Joseph Fait as we talk about, well, pretty much every game coming out this year. If you weren’t at PAX East (or even if you were) you might want to listen in. We go into so much detail that you can pretty much envision the whole show.
Oh, and on the off chance that you actually do think you wasted your time, or if you've got questions / comments, send an email to Swear as much as possible.
Like this episode’s intro/outro music? Then check out “All Summer Long” by Massimo Borsellino. Make sure to give his album, titled Young Poet, some love. We can’t get these catchy tunes out of our head. Check out his YouTube channel here.

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