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PlayStation Unchained Las Ketchup Pastries

Posted in ps4, video games, Unchained by psu on May 30th, 2018

Neil Bolt hosts another Unchained, and he and the gang talk Dreams, Detroit, Days Gone, Death Stranding, and much more! Plus, discussion on the defining PS One games we'd have on a 'PlayStation Classic' console.

Unchained 179: Sombre Snowfall, Saucy Crisps, and Sexy Spiders.

Posted in video games, Playstation Universe, Unchained by psu on August 5th, 2017

Neil tasks Ben, Garri, and Tim with more crisp reviews and discussion about the sexualisation of spiders. There's also discussion about The Long Dark, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Persona 5's dancing spinoff, What Remains of Edith Finch, and needless micro-transactions.

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Unchained 170: E3 2017 Preview

Posted in video games, Playstation Universe, PlayStation Unchained, Unchained by psu on June 5th, 2017


Neil, Ben, Garri, and Tim preview E3 2017, with predictions for Sony, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and more>

PlayStation Unchained 148: Games of the Year 2016

Neil, Ben, Garri, and Mike select their favorite games of 2016. The gang's choices include Rise of the Tomb Raider, Titanfall 2, Dragonball Z Xenoverse 2, Dragon Quest Builders, Uncharted 4, DOOM, Stardew Valley, Hitman, Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy,  and Battlefield 1. It's a bumper two hour extravaganza!

Unchained 144: The PS3 10th Anniversary Special

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, ps3, video games, PlayStation Unchained by psu on November 21st, 2016

Neil, Ben, and Garri talk about some of their favorite titles of the PS3 generation, including Binary Domain, GTA IV, The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, Heavenly Sword and many more.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 143 - Crash is a Pro, Spyro is a Pri…

Neil, Ben, and Garri talk Titanfall 2's brilliance, Crash Bandicoot's TV debut, Nintendo working with Sony, PS4 Pro early adoption, and Tomb Raider exclusivity.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 142

Ben, Neil, and Garri talk PlayStation Plus, Titanfall 2, World of Final Fanatasy, videogame movies and movie videogames.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 141

Unchained returns as Neil, Ben and Garri are back to cover Paid VR demos, terrible gaming retail, Red Dead Redemtion 2, World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Builders and Batman's decline in quality.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 140

The newest episode of PlayStation Unchained!

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 139

The newest episode of Unchained!

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