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PlayStation Unchained - Episode 139

The newest episode of Unchained!

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 131 - The Future, It’s Got Wizards Now

Unchained looks forward to the rest of 2016 and deliberates the fates of PS VR, World of Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, No Man's Sky, Battlefield 1, Titanfall and much more.
This week's show is a joint effort between Ben Shillabeer-Hall and Neil Bolt.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 129 - Gotta Catch Em All

This week Unchained doesn't mention a certain mobile game craze, but it does feature a lengthy talk about Early Access. No Man's Sky and Evolve are also on the menu.
Your host this week is Ben Shillabeer-Hall and he's joined by the Atomic Armenian Garri Bagdasarov.


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