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Uncharted 4 and the Future of Naughty Dog - PlayStation Fix - Ep. 9

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, video games, playstation fix by psu on December 18th, 2015

In episode 9 of PlayStation Fix, Will, Kyle, and Ernest talk about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and the future of Naughty Dog. Uncharted was PlayStation’s flagship franchise for PS3 and home to one of our favorite protagonists. Will Naughty Dog’s final chapter give Nathan Drake the sendoff he deserves? What will Naughty Dog do now? The crew discusses all this and more!

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 102

Another week, another podcast! Join this week's crew in the last newsflashes and reviews from

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why an episodic release is good - PlayStation Fix - Ep. 8

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, video games, playstation fix by psu on December 10th, 2015

The latest episode of PlayStation Fix features our regular hosts, Kyle and Will, as they discuss the latest topics from the world of PlayStation.

PlayStation Unchained - Episode 101

With Playstation Experience just behind us, this week's podcast, brought to you by Neil, Ben, Garri and Aaron, is all about PSX.

PlayStation Fix at PSX 2015 - Day 1 Reactions and Keynote Review

Posted in ps4, ps3, video games, playstation fix by psu on December 6th, 2015

Join the PlayStation Universe team following Sony's PlayStation Experience conference for their reactions, alongside their thoughts about day one of the show.

PlayStation Unchained - The Big 100

Believe it or not, we made it to the big 100! This episode, hosted by the one and only Mike, is filled with banter through games such as Star Wars and Resident Evil and a look at a few recent reviews.


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