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PlayStation Unchained 61: Xbox is swinging, but PS4’s turn is coming

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, PlayStation by psu on November 27th, 2014

This week on PlayStation Unchained, join Garri Bagdasarov, Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and host Mike Harradence as they discuss the world of PlayStation gaming!

Assassin's Creed: Unity has been doing very well, but has just barely missed the top charts. Meanwhile, Sony Santa Monica is working on its "next big franchise," and we all want to know just what that is.
Xbox One is bringing the pain for the holidays, but PlayStation 4 is not in a terrible spot with its PlayStation Experience event right around the corner and the crown for exclusives waiting for it in early 2015. Speaking of the PlayStation Experience, there is yet more information on what to expect from Sony's big event.
Finally, Call of Duty is in the news again. CoD: Advanced Warfare has been named the "biggest entertainment launch of 2014," outselling media in and out of the video game industry. In fact, Call of Duty as a whole has outsold a combination of some major players in entertainment.
There are reviews to discuss as well! PSU has reviews for #killallzombies, Never Alone, LittleBigPlanet 3, Assassin's Creed: Rogue, and more. In fact, this episode has a lot more in it, including some talk about the new Super Smash Brothers game for the Wii U. Don't miss it!
Swing by next week for episode 62, and stick to PlayStation Universe for the greatest news in PlayStation gaming.

Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 43: Xbox gamers allegedly “shafted”

Posted in ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, Racial Diversity Gaming Hour, xbox, nintendo, Wii, PlayStation by psu on November 26th, 2014

This week has been an interesting one in gaming, and RDGH is back once again to give you the details! Join host Glenn Gordon (who apologizes for his strange audio this week), Garri Bagdasarov, and Ben Shillabeer-Hall for episode 43 of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour.

One of our Twitter friends brought up Wander, the combat-free MMO (yes, combat-free MMO) coming soon to PlayStation 4. It sounds interesting, despite a scarcity of information, but can it succeed? Feel free to tweet with us as well! Just follow @TheRDGH.

PlayStation could be preparing to become a bit more involved in its sales. The company recently added a field for a discount code in the PS4 PlayStation Store, but how does Sony intend to use it? Also, Guerrilla Games is hiring for a media producer—could it be getting ready to promote its mysterious new game?

We don’t tend to hear much about South Korea when it comes to console-based video games, but PlayStation 4 is apparently doing well there—so well, in fact, that more Korea-focused games are on the horizon.

Also, find out just what free eye candy will be coming to DRIVECLUB after the game’s dreadful launch issues.

Xbox One is doing quite well for the holidays. An EA exec stated that global Xbox sales are “catching up quickly” to those of the PlayStation 4, but the crew thinks that PS4 may not have much to worry about going into 2015.

Gamers have apparently been upset with Xbox after Microsoft offered early adopters a free copy of LIMBO. An article on posits that the $10 indie is not enough to reward gamers for being the first to purchase the Xbox One, and that early adopters of the console have been “shafted” in favor of those getting great Xbox One bundles this year. It doesn’t stop there—some gamers have been outraged at for bringing up concerns with the Xbox One in a recent video, accusing it of subtly promoting the PS4 and being “biased” against Microsoft’s console. Yeah, Glenn’s not too happy with gamers on this one.

Finally, the crew takes a look at a great article by an epidemiologist named Georgie Catto from, who discusses the plausibility of a pandemic-based apocalypse like that in The Last of Us. The article is a great read and definitely worth checking out.

Our intro music this week is from Overclocked Remix. It’s a remix from Sonic CD, the background music for the Lava Reef Zone in act 1, as well as a couple other songs from the game thrown in here and there. The remix is called “Chips out of Water,” and it’s by Rexy, from OCremix. Our outro is called Trinity. Kingdom Hearts fans, you’ll recognize it quickly—it’s a remix of Dearly Beloved, from the Kingdom Hearts menus. It’s an excellent remix by Tspeiro. This are amazing remixes that you can have in full, for free! To get them and many more, head straight to

That's it for episode 43! Next week will bring episode 44 and a host of new stories (and better audio from Glenn)! Until then, remember to avoid discrimination against video game platforms based on color or logo. In other words, don't be a racist.

PlayStation Unchained 60: The Amazing Dragon Age: Inquisition

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, PlayStation by psu on November 19th, 2014

Unchained has returned this week with host Ben Shillabeer-Hall and Garri Bagdasarov at the helm. It's a quiet news week for PlayStation, but there's still a good hour of stuff to talk about:

The Planetside 2 beta for PS4 is still planned for 2014, though there isn't much of 2014 left. Also, PlayStation Now has five new games in its ranks, including Mass Effect 2 and Mirror's Edge.
The very scary Bloodborne has been delayed until March 2015, and surprisingly, Just Cause 3 is expected to launch in 2015 as well. Meanwhile, Alien Isolation is to receive a patch to fix a game crashing bug.
Speaking of patches, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has gotten its first patch, and Assassin's Creed: Unity really, really needs one.
Ben and Garri also have reviews to discuss, including AC Unity and the incredible Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Join us next week for episode 61, and remember to tweet us your feedback @PSUdotcom.

Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 42: October NPD: PS4’s streak continues… for now

Posted in ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, Racial Diversity Gaming Hour, xbox, nintendo, Wii, PlayStation by psu on November 18th, 2014

Once again, RDGH is back after a particularly interesting week in the world of video games. This week, join host Glenn Gordon, Garri Bagdasarov, Ben Shillabeeer-Hall, and (eventually) Fraser Miller as they discuss what has been going on:

Week-to-week sales for the Xbox One have tripled in the United States since the console’s holiday price drop, and according to Microsoft, Xbox One has been ahead of PlayStation 4 for the past couple of weeks. How might Sony fight back, and will the ten-month streak finally be broken?

Meanwhile, the Uncharted movie continues its turbulent gestation. Producers sought Chris Pratt, who played Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, to play Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, but the actor declined the role. The crew thinks that the movie’s producers may be going in the wrong direction altogether with their casting goals.

Sony has been visibly working to increase the hype for its PlayStation Experience event next month. Could that help or hurt the end result?

DRIVECLUB has received yet another update on its Facebook page. Evolution Studios is still hard at work, but is offering gamers some freebies to help win some good graces. That’s nice, but is their focus in the wrong place? Also, find out when the update with the weather effects should finally hit the PS4.

Finally, NPD results are in for October, and Xbox One is in a better position than it has ever been in. If Microsoft's data is true, PlayStation 4's now ten-month winning streak could be in danger. The crew discusses PlayStation 4's prospects for the holidays, and why a win for Xbox on November might not be so consequential.

Our intro music this week is called Breaking the Ice, a remix by DigiE of Overclocked Remix. It comes from the Ice Cap Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. To download this and many other great video game remixes in full, for free, head straight to  

Our ending music is a song you heard part of before way back at the end of episode 19. It’s a remix of the background music from the Sunny Glade level of the Super Adventure Box dungeon. The background music itself is a remix of “Logan’s Journey,” part of the soundtrack from Guild Wars 2. This is by a talented artist named DusK. You can find him and many more incredible metal video game remixes on his YouTube channel, ItStartsatDusk, and also at Bandcamp, where he is selling his entire six-track album of Super Adventure Box remixes for literally any price you want to pay. To see and download the album, go to

All this and more comprises another great episode of RDGH. Come back next week for episode 43. Until then, remember to shun all notions of discrimination of platforms for their color or logo. Don’t be a racist.

PlayStation Unchained 59: Yet another Call of Duty tops the charts

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games by psu on November 11th, 2014

Unchained is here, and a new challenger has appeared! Join co-hosts Mike Harradence and Ben Shillabeer-Hall, along with newcomer Neil Bolt, as they discuss the latest in PlayStation gaming.

FIFA 15 has been doing well very well, beating many great games on both PlayStation and Xbox! Even so, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has taken the crown, and no one is surprised. Also, a sequel to Destiny is already in development, and there's news on Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4.
We also have reviews for Rocksmith, PES 2015, and Tales of Hearts R, as well as lots of banter about great PlayStation games.
Thanks for listening, and be sure to send us tweets and feedback on Twitter @PSUdotcom! Join us next week for episode 60!

Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 41: Xbox One did not get “hundreds” of updates this year

Posted in ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games, Racial Diversity Gaming Hour, xbox, nintendo, Wii by psu on November 11th, 2014

The work week begins anew, and with it comes a brand new episode of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour! Join Garri Bagdasarov, Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and host Glenn Gordon for more discussion about another great week in the world of gaming.

There were lots of tweets this week, and we love hearing what you have to say! To join the party, just find us on Twitter @TheRDGH.

Ubisoft seems to have had a momentary lapse in judgment as its upcoming games inexplicably vanished from the Steam store last week, only to silently return some days later. Okay then, Ubisoft.

Xbox One has had “hundreds” (but not really) of new updates over the past several months, and while Microsoft’s console has not had nearly as many real improvements as Xbox’s Major Nelson would have us believe, the console has indeed gotten a lot better over time.

In fact, RDGH host Glenn Gordon actually bought his first Xbox, and now that he officially owns both consoles, he has some perspective on Xbox, PlayStation, and the console war as a whole to share with everyone.

Xbox is doing well in other areas too; combined, Xbox One and Xbox 360 managed to sell just a bit more of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare than PlayStation’s combined efforts, but perhaps not decisively so. The crew takes a look at the numbers and what they mean for the next generation of Call of Duty.

BlizzCon has come and gone, leaving new information in its wake. A new FPS called Overwatch is on its way from the World of Warcraft developer, and two new posters have arrived for the movie “Warcraft,” expected to hit theaters in 2016.

This week’s intro music is a cheerful little tune from Overlocked Remix. It’s called “Polka Center,” and it’s a happy remix of the Pokémon Center music from Pokémon Red Version, done by remixer “worldsbestgrandpa” from OCremix. The ending is also from OCremix. We’ve used it before. It’s called “The Passing of the Blue Crown,” and it comes from Megaman 3. The remix was done by Sixto Sounds, Steppo, and zircon from OCremix. To download these and many more great video game remixes in full, for free, head to

All of this and much more comprises the latest episode of RDGH. Come back next week for episode 42. Until then, remember to avoid discrimination against video game platforms based on color or manufacturer. In other words, don’t be a racist.

PlayStation Unchained 58: The Golden Joystick Awards: games and gamers that won 2014

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games by psu on November 4th, 2014

Unchained had a little break from its regular episodes, but returns this week with Episode 58! Join co-hosts Mike Harradence and Ben Shillabeer-Hall as they discuss the latest news in PlayStation gaming.

Some PSU staff members got to attend the Golden Joystick Award Ceremony in the UK this past week, and Ben and Mike have a lot to discuss about who won what for 2014. Do you agree or disagree with the results? Tweet us @PSUdotcom!
Grand Theft Auto V is coming shortly to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the previous-generation iterations are doing extremely well. GTA V isn't alone--Far Cry 4 is expected to sell millions of copies in its first year, and PlayStation 4 as a whole has been doing the same, with millions more in unit sales adding up since June.
Finally, one interesting game has unfortunately been canceled, and is no longer in development.
Join PSU for much more, including reviews and info about the most recent event Ben got to go to in London! Stay tuned next week for episode 59.

Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 40: Xbox One could beat PlayStation 4 this holiday

What's up, gamers? RDGH has finally reached its fortieth episode, and with it comes a new member of the crew! Matt "Mario" Fernandez joins Garri Bagdasarov and host Glenn Gordon this week for RDGH's latest landmark.

Second Life, the virtual world that was really big for awhile but since slipped into relative obscurity, is planning to make a comeback of sorts. Developer Linden Labs is planning a new virtual world like SL, built with today's technology in mind, including Oculus Rift.
Some Xbox gamers have been doing something naughty for the holidays in the face of PlayStation 4's exclusive DLC planned for Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below. The crew discusses why it's such a bad idea to demand refunds from Microsoft just because the other console is getting some DLC.
PlayStation has offered its first bit of evidence that it plans to buff the PlayStation Network in the form of a survey directly comparing PSN and PS Plus to Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold. What in particular do you dislike about PlayStation Network?
PlayStation also published a list of games to expect at its PlayStation Experience event in December. It's not a complete list, but it's fun to know what to expect.
DRIVECLUB also offers a bit of news (sort of) from Shuhei Yoshida. The crew discusses how long it could be before PlayStation's darling racer will be running in full force, and whether or not it can come back from what has been the rockiest launch in the generation so far.
Finally, a price drop for the holidays makes the Xbox One quite a good buy--cheaper than the PlayStation 4. How could that affect PlayStation's nine-month streak?
This week's opening theme is a remix of the opening theme of Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, done by Arctic. Download the full song for free on his SoundCloud, ArcticOfficial, and remember to subscribe to him there and on his YouTube Channel (Arctic) for more amazing music.
The ending this week is Hope Rising, a remix of Destiny's ending theme, Hope. It was made by Jillian Aversa and zircon from Overclocked Remix. To download this and many other great video game remixes in full, for free, head straight to
All this and much more comprises the fortieth episode of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour. Join the discussion on Twitter @TheRDGH. Gamers, don't forget to forever shun discrimination between gaming platforms. In other words, don't be a racist.

Unchained Special: Happy Halloween 2014!

Posted in PlayStation Universe, ps4, gaming, vita, ps3, video games by psu on November 1st, 2014

Unchained didn't happen last week or this Monday, but returns tonight for Halloween! Dane Smith and Mike Harradence have some scary topics in gaming to discuss, so curl up in front of the fire with a big bowl of candy corn for seventy minutes and enjoy a great gaming podcast.

Happy Halloween, everyone, and stick to PSU to find the next episode of PlayStation Unchained!


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