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Podcast Derailed - Episode 30 - O The Last Guardian, Where Art Thou?

Posted in PlayStation Universe by psu on October 22nd, 2012

While we’re totally happy with playing Borderlands 2 forever, we can’t help but wonder (again) what actually happened to The Last Guardian.

This week Don, Mike and Joseph do the usual: news, reviews, get Derailed, etc… Layoffs at Sony Japan eventually lead us to talking about other things that are wrong—and not so wrong—with Japanese game development. O Last Guardian, where art thou?

This week’s intro/outro music: Doomsday - Nero

Podcast Derailed - Episode 29 - The Resident Evil 6 Debate

Posted in PlayStation Universe by psu on October 11th, 2012

We were going to save the Resident Evil 6 talk for Halloween, but then we realized there’s no point; Resident Evil 6 has nothing to do with horror. Ha, burn.

Join Don, Mike, and newcomer Ben “Chille” as we cover recent news, reviews and more. PlayStation Store re-design, Vita sales numbers, and layoffs at Backbone Entertainment... it’s all here! Stay tuned for our topic of the week: is Resident Evil 6 really that bad/good?

We even take a look at this RE6 forum thread. Strap yourselves in, folks; this episode is pretty explicit.


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