Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 17 - PC vs. Console

It's Wednesday, and that means a new episode of the most racially diverse gaming podcast on the Internet today! Join host "The Commissioner" Glenn Gordon, "The Shapeshifter" Fraser Miller, and once again, our other Host with the Most Dane Smith as they discuss the issues in modern gaming.

Dane's review of the God of War collection got some criticism. Are reviews really worth listening to, and what should gamers look for in a review? Also, is it really worth remaking games?
Nintendo had to apologize recently for not allowing homosexual relationships in one of its games. Lately, more and more games have been allowing for homosexuality. Is this a trend that could continue to grow? Should it?
For gaming, what makes PCs better than consoles? What makes consoles better than PCs?
Also, does Sony have the right idea in giving indie gaming more attention? Will we start seeing fewer AAA games in the future, and what makes a AAA game a AAA game anyway?
All of this and more comprises episode 17 of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour. Enjoy!
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