Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 16 - Cybercrime

The most racially diverse gaming podcast on the Internet is back with its sixteenth episode and its equally diverse cast returns with it! Join host Glenn "The Commissioner" Gordon, Ben Sterling, and KGB Garri Bagdasarov as they discuss the latest issues in all kinds of gaming.

Sony is expecting a huge loss for this fiscal year, and it probably has very little to do with PlayStation. More than 1,000 independent developers have signed up to self-publish on the PS4, and Sky Go and Now TV are coming to PS4s all over the UK--but why not Xbox Ones? Mario Kart 8 is making waves for the Wii U. Also, is it important for companies to uphold their Terms of Service, or is it a losing battle?

There are not one, but TWO rants this episode. KGB Garri is mad about new terminology in Child of Light, and Ben is somewhat bothered by CCP's flip-flopping at the expense of EVE: DUST 514.
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