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Dragon Ball Super: On Your Knees, Jiren! we have the power of friendship!

Posted in Dragon Ball Super, Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Theorycraft by psu on March 18th, 2018

Hello, and welcome to this weeks episode of the Dragon Ball Super podcast in which Garri, Chris and Chille cover some Dokkan Battle news, Theorycrafting on Super and our opinions on 130!


Dragon Ball Super The New Threat

Posted in Uncategorized by psu on March 13th, 2018

Come listen as Garri hosts with Chille, Tim and newcomer Chris as we dicuss everything Dragon Ball related


PlayStation Unchained: Yakuza Stories and Tera-bad Games

Posted in PlayStation Universe, PlayStation Unchained by psu on March 11th, 2018

Neil Bolt chats Yakuza, Tera, Far Cry 5 multiplayer, and more with Garri Bag of Sorrows, Chris De Visser, Tim Nuner, and Ben Shillabeer-Hall


PlayStation Unchained: Far Cry 5 Preview, Moss, Past Cure, and Yakuza 6

Posted in PlayStation Universe, PlayStation Unchained, Unchained by psu on March 5th, 2018

Host Neil Bolt talks to Garri Bagdasarov about his time playing Far Cry 5. In the rest of the show, Ben Shillabeer-Hall talks Yakuza, Tim Nunes discusses charming PSVR game Moss, and Neil laughs at the awfulness that is Past Cure.


Dragon Ball Super and my power is max for realsies reals

Posted in Uncategorized by psu on March 4th, 2018

Come listen to us chat about Dragon Ball Super, Xenoverse 2 and Fighterz as Chille, Garri and Tim ramble on about our thoughts on the new Dragon Ball content